Credit for header photo of birds on the Home page: A magical moment at Skinners Butte, Eugene OR caught on camera by incredible local photographer, Sreedhar Thakkun.

Hi – and thanks for checking out this sister blog to the website KarenWittDaly.com that I started to celebrate my first published book: Joy Ride: My One-legged Journey to Self-Acceptance. As you might guess from the title, I’m a one-legged traveler, have been since 1962. My leg was amputated when I was eleven with the hope of stopping the spread of bone cancer. And – it worked! I haven’t had a hint of cancer anywhere since.

Other things about me: I’ve been a nurse since 1974 with a long stint of working in the psychiatric area with children, teens, adults and families. I love being in and near any and all water – it accepts all I have to give and rejuvenates me. I love dreams, making art, especially spontaneous ink and watercolor creations, and I’m a dancer, most in love with improvisation, but I’ve been known to participate and perform in more structured forms of dance.